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  • Range talk - Wicklow Golf Academy

    Range talk

    Monthly Tip

    Centre Hits for More Distance


    The first thing I am often asked when a customer wants a custom fit is, “Can I hit it straighter and further?”. The answer is YES!!!  But you don’t necessarily need to change your clubs….focus on centre club face hit, or in other words…FIND THE SWEET SPOT. Here is an interesting video of close up strikes and the effects of not making centre contact!!

    A great way to know if you are finding the sweet spot is by using face tape…


    Next time you are in our golf range just ask one of staff and we would be happy to help out!!


    How to practice?!

    In order to achieve results a structured practice routine is extremely important. Ever wondered if the practice time you are doing is doing more harm than good?

    Then your practice routine MUST CHANGE!!


    There are two ways one should practice:

    1)                    Block Practice

    2)                    Random Practice


    Block Practice

    60 % of your practice should be in this mode. Working with a 7/8 iron hitting half your golf balls. This will consist of

    • Working purely on technique.

    • Working on drills that will improve your technique (not just bashing balls)

    • Taking 2/3 practice swings on each shot

    In this mode a lot of Tour Professionals DO NOT even have a target. It is irrelevant on where the ball goes as long as your technique/drills that you are working on are correct.


    Random Practice

    So you have done the hard part with the block practice. Now it’s time to trust the changes you have made. Random practice is trying to replicate what you do on the golf course. So play a golf course in your mind,

    For Instance- First hole is par 4, 370 yards. Take a driver out and pick a fairway between distance markers, then hit what club you would use for your second shot, if you hit it offline then you play a chip shot. Your club choice should vary from shot to shot.


    Tiger Woods practices in this mode a lot before he goes out to play a tournament round. This sets him up mentally for the course challenges ahead.

    If it works for TIGER!!!

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