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  • Juniors - Wicklow Golf Academy


    Greystones Junior Golf Coaching 


    One of our main emphasises at our academy is to develop Junior Golf. After setting up our junior programme in 2010, we have grown our coaching classes from 3 juniors to 160 junior golfers who are coached weekly by our PGA Professionals.

    Our aim was to be make it fun, enjoyable and develop the juniors in a comfortable atmosphere.



    Well done to our Fred Daly team that qualified from Elm Green recently with 12 shots to spare. We now play Carton House in the next round, great work lads!

    Our girls coaching has started for the year with great work from Iris Haughton getting the girls together. We coach over 40 girls on a weekly basis throughout the year- watch this space for some great talent coming through!!


    Our schools programme information is listed below.



    • Covering: full swing-chipping-putting-bunker play with plenty of games and prizes!
    • Golf Clubs & Golf Balls Provided
    • Children also get to play on Greystones Golf Course with their PGA Professional
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